The Pictorial Sings In Great Vault Of Taqh- Bostan




The Pictorial Sings In Great Vault  Of  Taqh- Bostan


   The great vault of Taqh- Bostan was built in western Iran by  using an innovative composition techniques in the last years of Sassanide era. 

  Finishing this artwork was a message of constancy , wrapped in the complicated structure and astonishing designs of the great vault , supported by the sturdy rocks of the mount which seems to stay steady forever .

    Designs of this vault presents all cultural mysteries from various aspects . It can be considered as a source of information which lets us to know about Sassanide era.

    The paoper material , chosen for the specific order , the correspondence of the place to the used material , the techniques , accessibility of the surface , the appropriate layout of the designs and the designs themselves all refer to a clear yet implicit and mythical meanings from semiologic point of view which offers new approaches to consider this prominent work .  

نوشته : حمید رضا محبی در ساعت ٧:٤۸ ‎ب.ظروز۱۳۸٥/۱٢/٢٦